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What is Teamwork?
How to Understand your Team

It’s a tricky one. Stripped back, every person is inherently different, and learning how to understand your whole team can be a lot of work. That’s why deciding to focus on your teams attitude …

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Turn your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors used to be focused around celebrity culture, but it’s not about who cuts the ribbon  at the supermarket anymore. On the contrary, it’s who works inside the supermarket that counts. Brand ambassadors are …

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Branding and Presentations

Brand Consistency and Impressive Presentations

Your company can spend months conducting market research, quizzing customers, and weighing up the competition to create the perfect brand identity book. You can focus down on how best to document your image in …

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Playing Cards

The Photographic Memory:
A Real Superpower?

The idea of a photographic memory is one many of us have dreamed of. Whether that be distant memories of the night before an important exam, or more recent memories before giving an important presentation. …

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What Happens to our brains when we present?

What Happens to our Brain when we Present?

From back in the day, when we as cavemen discovered that shouting "urgh" at our fellow species resulted in a confirmed "urgh!", we thought we could control our brain better than it controls us. Carry …

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Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking:
What Actually is It?

We’ve all had a situation where we’ve been quite clear in our own mind what our idea is, but for some reason, others just don’t seem to get our point. After struggling to explain ourselves in twenty …

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Man looking stressed at a computer with hundreds of powerpoint files in a mess

Make your Presentations Manageable

How bad is your presentation management? It might seem like a pretty direct question, but few of us really know what managing presentations is actually about. Let alone how to be any good at it. Most …

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