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SlideCamp enables your entire team to cut down on inefficiency, and get more done by eliminating presentation frustration.

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Your brand colors, logos and fonts available on all slides

All the slides in our library are customized to your company colors and fonts with your logo included on every slide if needed.

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It’s as easy as copy and paste

We made all our designs extremely easy for you to edit. All you need to do is locate the slides you like best in our library and use PowerPoint to replace our sample content with yours. Aside from editing the text, you can also adjust the slides visually by replacing icons, adding images and changing the colors.

Create company presentations with our library of ready to use slides

Your team will receive access to a library of PowerPoint slides designed by professionals to help them focus on delivering great content and stop worrying about the design

Let your team request additional slides quickly

If you'll find yourself on a tight schedule you can always talk with our experienced staff and request additional slides that will be prepared by our in-house designers within 48 hours.

Brand guidelines, industry specific, or company wide needs?

Request a demo and see how SlideCamp could work for your company.

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SlideCamp Features

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Give access to SlideCamp
to all your employees inside
your company.


Send us your branding details
(logo, colors, fonts) or your
current website to get started.


If your employees know how
to use PowerPoint they will know
how to work with SlideCamp.


Enforce brand standards
and make all presentations
look consistent.


Slides designed according
to best business practices
by professionals.


Search for slides that you
need with built-in search
inside SlideCamp.