What is a Slide Management?
Can it Solve Slide Library Problems?

Author photo By Paul Jurczynski

If we asked you to come up with a list of all the presentation problems you’ve seen as a manager, we’d both be here all week. From last minute corrupted files to the company …

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Imac Screen With Slide Mockups

Creating the Flawless Presentation: Wonderful Presentation Resources

Author photo By Dona Dzambaska

We decided to build a list of websites and presentation resources we peek into when looking to get inspired. Below you'll find some of the best presentation resources out there go get inspired. Whether it’s …

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People watching presentation using VR set

Could VR be the future of your presentations?

Author photo By Daniela Patterson

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – imagine how many words and much time we could save ourselves if we used VR in presentations, at conferences, or in training sessions. If you’ve …

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